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I have experience writing for other organizations (such as Center Theatre Group) under my own name and the company's name, and have published (or almost published–released November 2017) works with The Columbus Book Project, as the Lead Writer and Copy Editor. A memoir and children's book are both in the works, as well as a compilation of poetry and short stories. I also freelance edit, proofread, and accuracy-check for companies like Pearson Education. 

A Small Gesture, a Powerful Honoring: Floating Lights after ‘Bent’

I sat paralyzed. Heavy. Destroyed and confused at how vicious my own species can be to one another. Then the stage manager called for a 10 minute break, and the cast of Bent dispersed. It was a staff-invited dress rehearsal—the last before heading to the stage at the Mark Taper Forum—during the workday, and it took all my power to pry myself up from my seat and head back to my desk. Staring at my computer, tears streaming from my eyes, all alone in my office, I ached for an outlet.


Conversations from the Classroom: How Do Theatre Teachers ‘Start at the Very Beginning’?

What do you do when you’re facing a roomful of young people whose names you can’t keep straight, whose talents you haven’t assessed, and whose enthusiasm might be…lacking? In Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, Maria Rainer tackles this challenge in song: “Let’s start at the very beginning,” she sings to her new charges, “a very good place to start.” Inspired by the show currently at the Ahmanson Theatre—and by the fact that we’re just seven weeks into the school year—Center Theatre Group asked two local theatre teachers how they themselves “start at the very beginning.”


Center Theatre Group has had the pleasure of working with Fabi Lopez in a multitude of ways so we’re thrilled that she was nominated for this feature. Fabi is one of four partner teachers in our August Wilson In-School Residency Program this year. Visiting her classrooms frequently has given me an inside view of just how much respect her students have for her and what a vital role she plays in their lives. The end of the year brings a particular energy and I asked Fabi for some insight about how she approaches her work during this time:

This video explains The Columbus Book Project, for which I am the lead writer and copy editor. 

The Columbus Book Project is a collective of notable photographers, artists, designers, writers, and brands all rolled into two stunning, full-color coffee-table books, with over 400 pages of visuals and stories. 

The CBP brings Columbus into the forefront of art and style with its thoughtful editorials, bold fashion spreads, rich color, textures, and cultural diversity. We are proud of our city and want to celebrate its growing businesses, art, and culture. 

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