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Hi folks,

I am a creative arts practitioner working to build community, empowerment, and social change through facilitating dialogue/action, creative expression, and play. Perhaps we can collaborate!

I have a background in arts education program management and as a teaching artist with a specialization in social justice theatre and the expressive arts. I earned a master’s degree in applied theatre from University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Miami University. I grew up in southeastern Ohio but recently returned from a stint in California where I taught at Los Angeles High School of the Arts, served in AmeriCorps, studied Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, and worked as the lead teaching artist for the pilot activist-theatre program at Los Angeles LGBT Center. 

I now work as a freelance teaching artist in Columbus and surrounding areas, where I facilitate workshops and residencies in K-12 schools, universities, and local organizations. I also teach with Drama Kids International and write and edit, as a freelancer. 

I am available for contract and part-time work leading youth and groups of people through one-day workshops or residencies. Workshops and curricula can range from ensemble-building (group dynamics) to creating full-on productions about an issue facing that group or community. Exercises include self-reflection, writing, image theatre and improv, movement, games, and discussions of systemic oppression, biases, fears, hopes and dreams. Utilizing a community-based approach, I create a safe, stimulating environment for the group to critically look at their individual and combined roles in class/community/society and use the arts and play to "rehearse for change." I'm also available for workshops to train other educators to implement this kind of practice into their own teaching. 

I believe change happens when we come together, share stories, build empathy, and empower one another; theatre is a powerful tool for this kind of liberation. I look forward to discussing how we can work together. 



Grade 12 LAHSA students,  The American Dream?

Grade 12 LAHSA students, The American Dream?

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The Columbus Book Project, Lead Writer

The Columbus Book Project, Lead Writer


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